Review of Evernote 2.0.6 for the MyTouch3

Evernote is a fantastic app for anyone that uses evernote on their desktop or laptop computer, to organize their thoughts, goals, schedule and life in general. The app has a suite of features and is mostly easy to use. Come and check out this review to learn more about the good, the bad and the ugly of the Evernote 2.0.6

The Good

After being a user of the 2.0.5 version, I have very little complaints about this version of Evernote. They fixed the issue with the application sucking away all of my phones memory, which would have been my biggest gripe about the previous version. So with that objection out of the way, I mostly have good things to say about Evernote 2.0.6

If you're new to Evernote in general, this app is basically a modernized notepad application with a few unique twists that make it much more interactive. Most of the platform is pretty simple, and allows you to save your notes into notebooks and notebook stacks, so that you can stay organized. Recently, they also hooked up with some awesome sister-apps like Skitch, which allow you to use annotations, sketches and shapes to annotate pictures and documents.

Of course, if you ask me, Evernote Hello is one of their best sister-apps, which allows you to create a unique and interactive address book that is designed to help you remember the people you meet in a more natural way. There are at least 5 other app-additions that I know of, most of which are available on the evernote website or in the google play store for androids.

The Bad

I don't feel that I truly have anything negative to say about Evernote 2.0.6, though I would like to say that they are missing one feature that would just make the Evernote app the golden apple of my android: a chatroom. Even if it was just a silly one like skype offers, it would still be cool to have exclusive evernote chatrooms. Don't you agree?

Why You Want It

Evernote is definitely the app for the dynamic professional. I spent many years saving individual text notes and word docs, just trying to write down and hold on to my ideas, schedule notes and projects. I'm an entrepreneur, so that kind of memory storage can become difficult on your computer and difficult to keep organized. Evernote made it so that I have everything saved into one app, that better organizes the information, takes up less memory and lays it out for me so that I can find what I need when I need it. I can definitely say that it has increased my ability to be productive, and that makes me happy and my clients happy.

If you love happy outcomes, then you want Evernote for your mobile phone.

Why You Wouldn't Want It

You probably wouldn't gain as much value from evernote if you don't really ever make any notes. I'm not going to say it would be completely useless to those who are not "idea generators" or "organizers", thoough it just wouldn't be as cool.

Either way, I will say that it's worth a try for anyone, as it is another completely free application.


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