FlexiSPY vs MSPY vs Highster Mobile: Mobile Phone Monitoring Solutions Compared
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FlexiSPY vs MSPY vs Highster Mobile: Mobile Phone Monitoring Solutions Compared

Flexispy makes the most sense for those who want rooting and jailbreak help along with assistance with setting up the phone to be monitored. Mspy is ideal if what you want is to monitor a PC as well as a mobile phone. Highster is the way to go if you have a phone with a non-standard OS or if you’re using a more unusual carrier.
Covered in this report
FlexiSPY — Best Features
Installation service available for the less tech savvy.
Rooting and jailbreaking services are offered as well.
Best for: Beginners who want everything to be set up for them without hassle.
MSPY — Best Features
Keylogger available for PC to get a full log of what people type on a computer.
Web mailer gives full accounting of all emails opened and sent.
Best for: Those looking for PC support as well as mobile.
Highster Mobile — Best Features
Wide array of supported phones including Windows mobile, Blackberry, and Android.
Nearly any service provider you can think of is supported.
Best for: People with more unusual phones they want to monitor such as Blackberries.

Cell phone monitoring is becoming increasingly important with every day as so many people now have a smartphone. Different apps and services are going to be useful in different situations if you need to keep track of a smartphone, however. Here are a few options for this type of monitoring software, including which features might work best for you.



Flexispy can monitor as many as 17 instant messengers simultaneously. It has strong support services and a money back guarantee. The service works with Android devices as well as both iPhone and iPad.


  • Installation Service-Flexispy will root, jailbreak, and install the monitoring software for you if you want to pay the extra fee for it.
  • Demo Available-If you click the “View Demo” button you can see the app in action a bit to see if you like it.
  • Call Interception-You can listen in on calls and even record them, all without tipping off the person using the mobile device. It’s worth noting that the legality of this will depend on your relationship to the person using the mobile device, who’s paying for the mobile account, and what state you’re in.
  • Tracking-The app will let you zero in on where they really are at any particular time, such as when you ask them where they are in a text.


Mspy has both PC and mobile functionality.


  • Multi-language Support-Mspy lets you get help in many different languages, and this support works around the clock. It also includes live chat support. If you click the speaker box icon in the bottom right corner inside the rounded blue box that says “Chat,” you can get instant online help with the program.
  • Wide Compatibility- The Mspy program works with Android, iOS, and PC as well. You can get it for both phones and desktop computers.
  • Keylogger-The PC version of the program lets you record all keystrokes that a particular computer logs.
  • Bookmarks and History-You can even get a full listing of all the bookmarks and the full history of everywhere people on a computer visit during whatever time period.
  • Extra PC Features-This software also includes the potential to peruse through all installed applications, as well as taking full screenshots of what happens on the computer. You can actually set this to happen automatically if you prefer.

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is mobile-focused spy software. It has a wide array of features and a lot of supported phones. It’s designed to run in the background, making it hard to detect.


  • Many Supported Service Providers-You can get Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Virgin, Metro PCs, US Cellular and many more service providers to all work with the Highster software.
  • Wide OS Support-While Android and Apple mobile devices are by far the most common people use, they definitely aren’t the only ones used at all, even by children you might want to monitor. And, HIghster supports just about all of them. This includes Blackberry, Windows Mobile, LG, Motorola, Samsung and just about any other phone that uses Java as well as Android and iOS.
  • Google Maps Locating-The application makes it so that you can track where someone is going in real time using Google maps.

Head to Head


The cost for Flexispy is $68 per month for the basic plan, assuming you go monthly. You can save on this a lot if you buy a full year ahead of time, however. It’s only $149 for the whole year. If you want to pay an extra $40, you can get the software installed for you, including any jailbreaking or rooting that might be required. This is possible to do as an extra option during checkout.

The phone plan for Mspy starts at $30 for 1 month, with 12 months being about $100. If you want the premium plan, this is $70 per month or $200 for a year. The premium plan adds additional options such as downloading software updates automatically, keylogging, and a geo-fencing option so that you know exactly when a phone comes or goes passed a preset location boundary. The desktop only version is $70 or so for a year.

Highster mobile is available for $30 for 1 month. You can add an extended warranty for another $30 that comes with unlimited downloads. You can also add the premium support package for another $30 on top. This will help you with setup over the course of half an hour.

Overall, this means that overall, the three plans are generally comparable if you get all premium features, though Highster gives you the cheapest potential  offer for just one month.


Flexispy has a website that can be a bit glitch because of the flash plugin they’re using sometimes. They have 24/7 support and the option to install the program on the device you want for you. FlexiSPY claims that it’s the only software that lets you listen in on instant messagers such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Viber, BBM, Line and WeChat. This does require access to the actual device.

Mspy claims that they will actually help with your initial installation completely for free, which is a step up from Flexispy which charges you for this. The difference that’s worth noting, however, is that Mspy doesn’t mention whether they will help with issues that could get in the way of installation such as rooting and jailbreaking the way that Flexispy does. There’s also a “family kit” that gives you 3 premium subscriptions for mobile for $480 for a year, and a desktop family kit that gives you three subscriptions for $168 or so. Either way, the mobile subscription is definitely more expensive for Mspy than for Flexispy.

Highster Spy App is designed with a name that doesn’t make it immediately obvious what it is, so the person who has the phone you want to monitor will find it all but impossible to notice what’s going on. It also continues to function even if the person changes their phone number. This is because it’s keyed to the phone itself and not the number. Deleting messages on the phone as well as the logs won’t keep you from having a copy of them either. 

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